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Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the most common questions we're asked about our VPS hosting services. If you have any more specific questions, please contact our sales team.

faq_okHow long does it take for my VPS to be setup?
faq_okCan I upgrade my VPS after signing up?
faq_okHow long do upgrades take?
faq_okCan I switch locations after signing up?
faq_okHow much Linux experience do I need?
faq_okDo you allow IRC services?
faq_okCan I use all resources that are being advertised?
faq_okCan I prepay for a year and receive a discount?
faq_okHow can you offer such cheap prices?
faq_okHow is data backed up?

faq_okDo you have an IP I can ping and/or a file to test for download speed?
faq_okHow much can I host on my VPS?
faq_okHow secure is my data?
faq_okDo you offer Windows based VPS?
faq_okCan I order additional IP's?
faq_okWhat if I break my VPS?
faq_okCan I firewall my server?
faq_okDo you support TUN/TAP?
faq_okIs there a contract?
faq_okHow much is cPanel?


How long does it take for my VPS to be setup?

Setup is immediate after payment is received.

Can I upgrade my VPS after signing up?

Of course, it is very easy to upgrade after signing up. Just login to the billing area and under "my products and services" click on the details icon next to the name of the VPS you want to upgrade you'll see "Upgrade/Downgrade Package" option. Select the package you want to upgrade to and after paying the invoice, your VPS will be upgraded. In order for the resources to become active, a reboot is required. That's all, no OS reloads or data loss necessary!

How long do upgrades take?

Upgrades are instant. Once payment is successfully completed, the resources are allocated immediately. All that is required is a reboot of the VPS.

Can I switch locations after signing up?

Of course! Simply contact support to switch locations and we can provision your VPS in another facility for you.

How much Linux experience do I need?

We offer many pre-built Applications & Operating Systems that ease the learning curve of setting up new services. That being said, by default management services are not included. This means that you are responsible for all software configuration, setup and maintenance of your VPS.

Do you allow IRC services?

We allow IRC services as long as they do not cause network attacks or disturbances.

Can I use all resources that are being advertised?

Absolutely! Unlike many other VPS hosting providers, we guarantee that the resources are available for you to use. With Xen, the resources are dedicated for each VPS node and ensured so that no overselling occurs.

Can I prepay for a year and receive a discount?

We offer a 10% discount for those who wish to prepay for a year of services. To do this, contact our sales team and we'll generate a custom invoice for you.

How can you offer such cheap prices?

Our prices are low because we keep a tight ship. We eliminate middlemen everywhere possible. By owning our equipment, maintaining direct partnerships with our software vendors and utilizing extensive experience of being in business since 2002 we're able to keep costs as low as possible without comprimising the quality of service offered to our customers.

How is data backed up?

We allow you to create and keep one full snapshot backup on our centralized backup system. This is initialized though the VPS control panel. We recommend doing this regularly in order to prevent unexpected problems.

Do you have an IP I can ping and/or a file to test for download speed?

Yes! We keep our network information feature page up to date with IP's and test files. You can view the page by clicking here.

How much can I host on my VPS?

We do not limit how many websites, email accounts, emails etc. that can be hosted on the VPS. The only limitation is the amount of resources that are available. Keep in mind that you must keep enough resources to handle whatever services are running on the machine, and if you require more you can always upgrade to a higher package.

How secure is my data?

Each VPS runs on a raid10 array and backups are stored on an off-server machine for backups. We follow all security best practices and audit logs daily.

Do you offer Windows based VPS?

Unfortunately at this time we do not support Windows based VPS.

Can I order additional IP's?

Yes, each additional IP is $1/mo. We require that you provide justification for the IP by filing a ticket with support. From there, support creates an invoice and once that is paid we can assign the additional IP to you.

What if I break my VPS?

The first line of defense is using the serial console to see if you can determine the exact error and fix it there. If this is not possible, then you can restore from a backup (if you've created one) or lastly reinstall the operating system.

Can I firewall my server?

We provide all necessary kernel modules for you to configure iptables firewalling so you can keep your VPS secured. It is highly recommended to disable all ports that you are not using to keep your VPS fully secured and optimized.

Do you support TUN/TAP?

Yes, our VPS solution includes all required kernel modules for TUN/TAP by default.

Is there a contract?

Billing is done monthly, there is no contract and you can cancel anytime with no hassle.

How much is cPanel?

We offer discounted cPanel licenses for $7/mo. This includes WHM and cPanel. Please note that cPanel requires at least 256MB ram to function properly, and is suggested to run on 512MB or higher VPS. We do not offer external cPanel licenses at this time.



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